Writing a press release can be a slightly daunting prospect if you’re not used to doing it, or are a bit unsure about your writing style. And I think this is understandable. After all, this is your chance to draw some big attention to your product (event/project/issue etc). Sometimes it feels as though journalists hold so much publicity power and many business owners desperately want some of that publicity!

But don’t fear, if you remember some key points, and follow a template then it can be a simple task that can reap great results. Here, I’m hoping to give a few key pointers that will help many small businesses write a killer press release. A good press release is one of the most effective ways of getting your issue covered in the media so do read on…


  • Make sure your press release contains new news! The subject has to be newsworthy. So make sure you’re talking about something that is happening now or something that will happen soon. (Having said that, we believe that almost anything can be made newsworthy if you package it appropriately!)
  • Remember your target audience when writing your press release. Make sure it’s relevant to them.
  • Human interest stories, controversy, and quirky activities all spark interest.
  • Keep your press release short and to the point.
  • If you have a relevant image – include it. As with most of marketing and PR, visuals add interest.
  • Research your target media and tailor the press release accordingly.
  • Release via email – in the email body. Supply it in advance of any deadlines you might know about. And always follow up with a phone call to help sell your idea.

Remember, a press release is a way of communicating with journalists. It should tell them what the story is at a glance – making their job easier and making it more likely they will cover your issue. Journalists get hundreds of press releases every day so you need to make sure yours stands out from the crowd. These things are worth taking your time over and getting right.

Hopefully these tips help. And used in conjunction with this handy little freebie press release template that we’ve put together, you should feel a bit more confident about drafting one. Of course, if you need help or don’t have the time then do get in touch. We have some very experienced media people who can write dazzling press releases in their sleep!