Daring design or superb subtlety


I am a big fan of beautiful, functional design. Even having worked alongside many fantastic designers and art directors for years, I’m still sometimes amazed at their creativity. And whilst I often admire bold and daring design and advertising ideas, I do also firmly believe that sometimes subtle, understated sophistication can bring brilliance to a brand.

The idea that making subtle changes to a design can make an overall big difference is well showcased when looking at typography. The slightest change to a font can kill or create I think. A change in a curve, the addition of a little flick or the weight of the brushstroke can all instantly make a single letter look hugely different.

I love that you can make little changes to something, say a web page, and just by slightly changing the background gradient colour, by customising a button or adding a simple dropshadow, it can go from looking flat to fabulous.
Fonts Torsrus



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Marketing for Valentines day

Do you consider Valentines Day to be a slushy bore or can you see opportunity for some creative tactical marketing? Well, whatever my thoughts on a personal level, with regards to business I definitely see it as the latter. That is not to say that I think everyone should go over the top and produce ridiculous advertising just for the sake of it. But I do believe that it does give a real chance for brands to show a little personality which can only be a good thing, especially in dull February!

If you aren’t big on advertising in the traditional sense, then even small things like updating your cover images on social media accounts for something topical, adding a splash of red for romance on your website or using wordplay in your copy can all demonstrate a little humour and personality.

Of course if you’re in retail then you should consider whether to run some tactical Valentines offers. And if they are good offers then do remember to shout about them! Even if you’ve got no advertising budget left, then promote via social media and in-store promotional bits. If you’ve nothing relevant to offer than consider a partnership with another brand.

Above are a few recent Valentines creatives that caught my eye.  I’d love to know your thoughts.

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Know your customer

So often marketing fails because a company doesn’t know their customer. Of course it does, you can’t promote your brand, product or service effectively if you don’t know who you are selling to.

The title of this blog sums up my number one rule for marketing. Know your customer. Inside out. The more you know, the more successful you will be at reaching out to them and communicating effectively.

You should know as much as you can about both who is buying from you, and who you want to be buying from you, they may well be very different! There are many ways of tracking this info, which I’m not going to delve into here, but once you have it, use it. It can be helpful to segment your customer base, but rather than having segments with meaningless titles, try to personify them. It can really help to see them as real people rather than just an abstract group. For example, if your main customer group is females aged 25-35 in London earning £40k-£60k, then maybe you could refer to this group as ‘Amy’. Amy is 31 and lives with her boyfriend in a rented flat. She loves her job in procurement and loves to travel.



Knowing your customer is key to many aspects of business, from designing your products, shaping your customer service and also writing your marketing briefs. A really targeted marketing approach is an efficient marketing approach and it relies on knowing who you are looking to communicate with. At the brief writing stage, it helps to refer back to your personified segments and think about what you want ‘Amy’ to feel, think and do.

So whilst the Ancient Greeks encouraged us to ‘Know thyself’ (which is admittedly important!) I implore business owners and marketeers to know your customer too!

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